How to get a google e-fax number

Google fax number is a virtual fax number that enables you to receive your get fax communication services through your google account to your computer without using having to print it unless it is necessary. In the past when the fax was the in a thing, anyone who needed these services had to have a dedicated fax number as well as a fax machine. This was very costly as the dedicated number was being charged. Technological advancement has made things easy as one can obtain a fax number that enables one to receive these messages through their email inbox. Learn how to get a google e-fax number at


To get a Google fax number, you need to have a Gmail address for a start. You then need an email fax service that is responsible for converting your fax messages into a PDF format which is then directed into your inbox. This service is advantageous compared to the services provided by other sites since there is no need for a fax machine or a dedicated fax number which is paid for.

You have an option of either opting for a toll-free option or local number option. Online fax service charges as little as $5 a month which is very affordable. You can also opt for a 30-day free trial option which comes with an already registered fax service number. This offers a great chance for you to receive service equal to those using paid accounts and at the same time, you can assess the services provided to see which ones suit your business.


You need to first choose your fax service provider. You have an option of choosing RingCentral, MyFax or eFax depending on where you are located. You then take an option of taking either local or you can pick a toll-free number.
You then enter your e-fax number and connect it to your Gmail address.
You can now log into your account and be able to add any other address in which you will be receiving your fax messages.


You need to dial your fax number just like any other regular number out theirs. The technologically advanced system of servers is then able to convert the TIFF messages from the sending fax machine and converts it into PDF format which can then be received directly into your computer as a common email inbox.



1) You can receive your fax through email with advanced security features as well as speed.

2) Ability to fax from your smartphone as well as tablet giving you convenience.

3) You can append signatures to your documents electronically.

4) You do not have the costs of physical installations.

5) You can get the number at no cost.

6) Easy access to your documents online.

7) Easy to link between your fax and storage devices such as Dropbox.

In addition to the advantages above you can also retain your current fax number through the ‘Number porting’ feature. This may take a while as you use a temporary fax number for 30 days for convenience. You are also able to link your e-fax number to up to 5 email addresses enabling convenience in sending fax messages.

What is more? You are also able to send your faxes.