How a pet taxi works

Taxi service gets us from one place to the other. When you live in the city, it is so much easier just to call a cab and let them deal with all the traffic.

Taxi service saves you time and money. They even make a taxi service for your pets. Most people think their pets as their children, and of course, you would want only the best for them.

How this service works

2You will call them up to tell them what type of pet you have. They will ask you for his or her name. You will have to tell them the weight and if the pet is aggressive. You will need to tell them your address and where the pet is going.

If you are using this taxi service more than once, they may want you to set up a profile for your pet. You will be able to input your payment method, and all emergency contacts. This way, in the future, you will only need to book the taxi, and they will have all the info on file.

Pick up and drop off

Taking your pet to see the vet is like taking time off to see a doctor. This takes time out of your day. Having a pet taxi, they will come and pick up and drop them off at the vet’s office and wait till your pet is done and then take the pet home. The taxi service will handle all the paper work at the vet’s office as well. This can really help you save time. You won’t have to worry about missing a day at work.

If you had to send your pet by air, they would pick up or drop off your pet at the airport. The taxi service will make sure they get on the right flight. With services like this, they will treat you and your pet like you are part of their family. You will be able to trust them. They even handle out of state taxi service.

Insurance and bond

3Your pet will be insured the whole time. What this means is while they have your pet, they will be liable for anything that might happen when they are transporting your pet. When it comes to taking your pet out of state, they have to comply with every state requirements when transferring any type of pet in and out of other states.